Indian men are more open to women working – even more open than Indian women 

It often crosses my ears that “we live in a male dominated society where major stereotyping such as gender work division still exist”.  No doubt one can’t deny this fact. But what’s actual say of people around the globe regarding working women, specially of indians is pretty much ironical in its own way .

So what do men and women think about the idea of women working in paid jobs?

According to the recent survey conducted by ILO, 70% of women across the world would prefer to work in a paid job. Close on their heels, 66% of men also want women in their families to get paid jobs.

In India, however, the gender gap seems to be wider, and reversed: a larger number of Indian men – 65% – want women in their families to work paid jobs, and just 52% of Indian women want such jobs for themselves.

Doesn’t it sound ironical in Indian context ? 

The report also establishes that in general, global attitudes towards women working are positive. For instance, globally, the number of women and men who prefer women to be working in paid jobs is more than twice the number of people who prefer women to stay at home.  However, the reality on the ground is different from people’s perception, where women are still heavily under-represented in the workforce.

Younger men and women in India are more open to the idea of women working than those in an older age group. Among those in the 15-29 age group, 57% women and 70% men would prefer women to work in some kind of paid job, while 37% women and 24% men would prefer that women stay at home. Here again men perception going far ahead than women.

Family acceptance & work- family balance 

Globally, 83% women and 77% men said that it is acceptable for women in their families to work outside. 

However in India, once again, men responded more positively than women: 71% Indian men said that their families find it acceptable for women to work outside, as against 69% Indian women.

Also just alike in majority of countries, in India,  “work-family balance” emerged as the topmost challenge for working women, followed by the “lack of flexible work hours. May be this is the reason behind such gap in  perception among Indian male and female & even more important, behind fall in female participation of labour force from over 35% in 2004 to just 25% in 2011 ( ILO ).


 In India, “Need is the basic DRIVER of ACTIONS”. If women feel their family or husband’s earning is enough to have a standard living, majority of women will not opt to paid job .

International Labour Organisation- Gallup report titled “Towards a Better Future for Women and Work: Voices of Women and Men”.


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